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Historical Tour

Visit the Roots of Nyabingi Heritage Center where you will see the assortment  of rudimentary traditional tools used by ancient Rwandese and the rituals from the unwritten theology about Nyabingi who was the the most powerful deity in Ndorwa Kingdom of northern Rwanda

Roots Of Nyabingi

Learn how the  Nyabingi priests  held court and performed daily rituals in their straw temples under the ficus tree.  The Heritage center has the only existing temple from centuries ago.

Visit Rwanda

Ladies if you were  are virgin and lucky enough to be selected to hug the tree of chance naked in the middle of the night then you stand a great chance of being chosen by an eligible bachelor.
I am telling you our ancestors invented beauty pageants
Sit under the ficus tree and feel the presence and protection of Nyabingi as you learn about her historical timeline and theology in her kingdom


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