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1 Day Nyamata healing and reconciliation

You will have you morning breakfast at the hotel before our driver-guide picks you up to start the 1-day Nyamata church healing and reconciliation. 

Genocide Memorial

We will visit Nyamata memorial site and church where about 2500 people were killed and are symbolic of the barbarism and mass rape during the genocide. You will see graphic and audiovisual display of the rape and the use of HIV as a weapon of genocide against women.

After lunch we will take a short drive to Ntarama and visit with the small community, which became the symbol of development of the general area. There will be heartfelt and moving discussions with the villagers about the transformation from the days of barbarism to healing and reconciliation.

We will have the option to reflect on the emotional events of the day and join in prayer if we choose to do so.


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