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1 DAY-Reconciliation Tour

Bugesera District – The Reconciliation Village

Bugesera is found southwest of Rwanda. It’s a very rich area with several water bodies like Lakes Rweru and Cyohoha  and Rivers Nyabarongo and Akanyaru. Bugesera district is includes Nyamata and Ntarama villages where so much of the slaughter between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in April 1994.

Ntarama Genocide Memorial 


-After Morning Breakfast our Driver Guide will drive to Ntarama genocide memorial one of six genocide museums in Rwanda. Five thousand people were killed in Ntarama Catholic church. You will be able to see victims’ clothes and hear the entire story of how the Rwanda genocide started, and how it ended. 


Nyamata Genocide Memorial

The Nyamata Genocide Memorial commemorates the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The remains of 50,000 people are buried here. You will see and learn about the history of the area and the church where victims prayed and know-how and when they were attacked while hiding in the church. 

Since Bugesera was ground zero for so much bloodletting, one of its villages named RWERU was selected as the a major Reconciliation Village for relocating and settling survivors of the genocide. It is there you will meet and hear the gruesome stories from the perpetrators themselves and the loved ones of those they massacred and the incredible journey between them to forgiveness and reconciliation. Folks, these people now live and work together. You will understand the true meaning of reconciliation. 

The final stop on the tour is RWERU Modern Green Village (Hope for a better life) a visit to this village will help us to learn more about the development of the country after recovering from Genocide. 104 families have been relocated and settled in the green village  from Sharita lake islands .


 End of the Tour. 


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